The Echoes of Eden Project

The Echoes of Eden Project is an attempt to bring the depth of Biblical tradition to contemporary life.

In particular, attention will be paid the themes which repeat themselves. Sometime they are echoes, at times ripples and at times the persistent beating of a drum. Ideas experiences and dilemmas of the past return and challenge and inspire us. We need to identify these themes for they have the ability to shed light on our own experiences. At times experience of the present allows us to appreciate and better understand episodes in the ancient past.

Time is shortened when we see the past is not that far away, and the future not as distant as we had previously thought.

We hope to publish weekly essays, which will be both timely, and grounded in text and tradition.

Rabbi Ari Kahn has published hundreds of essays, and numerous books on biblical and rabbinic themes

The Echoes of Eden Project is sponsored by Raymond and Elizabeth Gindi, and Mitchel and Joleen Julis.

Artwork is the property of the incomparable Ofra Friedland, it is displayed with her permission.


40. Rectiļ¬cation - Parshat Aharei Mot Open Download
39. Feeling Kinship - Parshat Metzorah Open Download
38. Seclusion - Parshat Tazria Open Download
37. Separations - Parshat Shmini Open Download
36. Impetuousness - Parshat Tzav Open Download
35. Intimacy - Parshat Vayikra Open Download
34. Happy Ending - Parshat P'kudei Open Download
33. Creativity - Parshat Vayakhel Open Download
32. The View From Above - Parshat Ki Tisa Open Download
31. Searching for a Heart of Gold - Parshat Tetzaveh Open Download
30. If you Build it I Will Come - Parshat Terumah Open Download
29. Minutiae - Parshat Mishpatim Open Download
28. The Good the Bad and the Indifferent - Parshat Yitro Open Download
27. The Long Shortcut - Parshat B'Shalach Open Download
26. The Dignity of Mitzvot - Parshat Bo Open Download
25. Pharaoh's Conundrum - Parshat VaEra Open Download
24. A New Book, An Old Story - Parshat Shmot Open Download
23. An Inconclusive Conclusion - Parshat Vay'chi Open Download
22. A Moment of Truth - Parshat Vayigash Open Download
21. Victim No More - Parshat Miketz Open Download
20. A Contentious Coat Parshat Vayeshev Open Download
19. Parashat Vayishlach - Confronting your Fears Open Download
19. Parashat Vayetze - A Twice Told Tale Open Download
18. Parshat Toldot: Lessons of a Sale Open Download
17. Hayei Sarah Uncommon Decency Open Download
16. "Practice what you preach" - Vayera 5774" Open Download
15. Parshat Lech L'cha Deconstructing and Reconstructing Avraham Open Download
14. The Terrible Secret of the Tower Open Download
13. Parshat Bereishit - Working & Gaurding Open Download
12. Ending & Beginning Again - Vzot Hatorah Open Download
11. (Don't) Look Back Open Download
10. The High Holy Days - Belief in Man Open Download
9. A Recipe for Happiness Open Download
8. Abuse Open Download
7. The Vagabond Open Download
6. Parshat Re'eh - Choices Open Download
5. With All Your Hearts and All Your Souls Open Download
4. Is "One" a Number? Open Download
3. The Price of Hatred Open Download
2. "Shall Your Brothers Go To War While You Sit Here?" Open Download
1. Fanaticism Open Download